organizational chart


operating process


Project Manager

Responsible for quantitative studies: 4 Specialists, Bac+3, 5 years of experience. Responsible for qualitative research: 2 Specialists, Bac+3: 5 years of experience

Field Manager

Responsible for the field work: 4 Specialists, Bac+2, 5 years of experience.

Equipe de Contrôle qualité

Supervisors: 5 Specialists, Bac+3, 5 years of experience.

Investigators / interviewers

A team of forty students, all experienced in the field of surveys, mystery shopping, product testing, etc. Bac + 2, 2 years of experience.

Data Entry Operators

A team of ten peoples, all experienced in data entry. Required Level Bac+2, 3 years of experience