We shall provide you with strong teams that are up to the tasks that you will give us. Our priority is to give you quality and reliable service


  • The interviewers are selected based level of education (university ) and their skills, depending on the project type.
  • Supervisors are trained to be able to monitor the status of projects and provide the necessary guidance.
  • The interviewers pass a rigorous training program regardless of their experience on the issues:

– The principles of the sampling procedures and fields processes.

– How to do it in the field and a good understanding of the questionnaire to be administered,

-Interview techniques including initial survey approaches


Supervisors are responsible for that task.

  • Random sample taken from interviews conducted by each interviewer for verification of:

– The accuracy of the recruitment of respondents by the sampling imposed on the ground,

– Respect all questionnaire instructions,

– The use of show cards, scales, etc.

– The consistency of responses,

– The reliability of the responses,

  • In case of doubt, the interviews conducted by the interviewer in question will be physically checked with the supervisor. If the case is confirmed, all these interviews will be rejected and replaced by another interviewer with new respondents & questionnaires.